the Innovation

Gastaldi research has given risen to BACTIRIA,
consisting of a revolutionary antibacterial fibre,
which incorporates an inorganic active agent.
national and international laboratory tests prove
that the number of micro-organisms found in fabrics
(Bacillus Subtilis and Staphilococcus
Epidermidis) is reduced by 90% in only 24 hours.
The antibacterial effect remains even after 40
washes. Bacteria prevents yellowing, mould,
unpleasant smell and increases the washing




the products

Tablecloth Production, Overlay Production, Sheet Production, Huck Towel Production, Hotel Fabrics

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The raw materials used in the entire production cycle are natural and artificial selected fibres. Employing these sophisticated yarns, we obtain high quality fabrics in 100% Egyptian cotton, cotton/linen, 100% linen, cotton/polyester.
It is possible to produce linens in accordance with clients’ requests, in terms of colour, design, size and weight. The wide range of products includes bed linen,
table linen and bath linen. The company has also a line of special items for airlines, shipping cruises and railways.