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It was the year 1892, it was the winter season; our beloved Italy was affected by a deep economical crisis and the premiership had just been entrusted to the Piedmontese Mr. Giovanni Giolitti. He was a man with a deep sense of state (as a new “Statesman”): one of Giolitti’s careful duties was that of defending the order established by the monarchy but, at the same time, he wanted to solve the complicated matters that were shaking the workers’ and masses’ world. More than 10 millions of Italians were emigrated to the United States of America and to the North of Africa. Our story tells about two Italian guys excited by a strong desire: to set up an independent activity of their own. They decided to face the difficulties of that period and it was then that Carlo and Giovanni, with great courage, left the security of their employment to establish what has become the current Industria Tessile Gastaldi & C. S.P.A. We remember that, in that time, Guglielmo Marconi had not invented the radio yet, the Italians army had just adopted guns, the industrial transports used were carts hauled by horses and to get the first car, the very well-known Lanza, it would be still taken three years.More than 100 years are gone by from that winter and our country has to face other difficulties, but we like thinking that, as in the past, the passion, the care and the courage can make us overcome even this moment.



Вот уже больше века текстильное предприятие  Tessile Gastaldi проектирует и производит бельё для гостиничного сектора и промышленных прачечных.

На протяжении многих лет предприятие наладило собственный  и настоящий  текстильный процесс, полностью управляемый и контролируемый изнутри, что позволяет производить широкую гамму  продукции, делать её индивидуальной и гарантировать высокое и неизменное качество.

Gastaldi , известное на итальянском рынке новыми линиями марки “Fili D’Oro”, ценится на международном рынке, благодаря типичному лейблу “Made in Italy”, предпочитаемому во всём мире.